Trader’s Chronicle II: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to a Convention

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Trader's Chronicles, Trader's Journal

One of the most important things about Trader’s Cache is our sense of community.  On the belief that food, drinks, and tabletop gaming creates an environment for great cameraderie, we’re passionate about bringing a gaming tavern to Lawrence, KS.

We want to share fellowship with people from all walks of life.  That’s why this blog series, Trader’s Chronicles exists.  As we journey together to make this dream become reality, we want to share the exciting things going on in the development of Trader’s Cache.

And it can’t be said enough, but we can’t do this without your support.  The support of our community.


Making our way out to Overland Park for KantCon, it was like meeting up with a bunch of old friends.  We got to sit around tables and go on adventures with others who shared our love for tabletop gaming.

The Dungeon of Doom was one of the most pleasing-to-the eye setups.  A real fog machine and multiple levels of an impossible dungeon made it a beautiful and ferocious D&D experience.

A large group of Bolt Action players had also set up large battlefield playgrounds.  How intricate and involved were their firefights!

Board games out at every table, with many people demo-ing new and exciting games.  Nick Seal, a local game afficionado, had a game going every time you looked over, and his Pay-to-Play module had a ton of people very excited.

The RPG section was robust as well, with hundreds of players acting out the expeditions of elves, dwarves, steampunk engineers, mech drivers, and more.  They even had a kids’ game set up so that the heritage of D&D could be passed on to the next generation.  Local Table of Salt organizer, Randall Harris got to man the helm of a table.  If you’re interested in a well-developed, and wildly fun, Adventure League group, we’d highly suggest talking to this guy.

The vendors were also a sight to behold.  Indie gamer designers were there showing off their cutting edge stuff.  Themes of Jack the Ripper, Alien B-movies, snake people, and more made an awesome potpourri of new adventures to try.  The Kansas City Game Design Group definitely had their A-Game on with those represented there.

There was even a local artist who held a miniature painting workshop.  Michelle Farnsworth, and her company, Mini Painter, Ink, had quite an awesome lesson for those who stopped to learn.

There were awesome people we met there, and it was a convention we won’t forget anytime soon.

Really looking forward to KantCon 2019!

The Creation of Two Menus

Over the past few weeks, we’ve gotten pretty close to nailing down our food menu and our drink menu.

The chef and mixologist are local guys who have a real passion for their artisan work, and we’re just so pleased with the product.

We got to do a tasting of the handful of items that will be available to eat.  They are delicious!  Different flavors of American cuisine with fusions of unique culinary combinations.  Foodies, here’s to you.

And at Trader’s Cache, we like our drinks like we like our swords:  balanced, ornate, and effective!  You won’t be disappointed with our mixes.

The only thing that has us biting our nails is the fact that we have to wait to reveal these exciting menus to you all!  Stay tuned!

The Next Pop-Up Night

We’re also pleased to announce that our next pop-up night is scheduled and ready to go!

October 5, at 7pm, at The Oread.  Be there or be square.

Come ready to play!  We’ll have a ton of board games.  Even more than last time.  We’ll be raffling off some really great prizes again.  And of course, the fan favorite, MEAD for all to enjoy across the land.

There will be a handful of new features for your entertainment.  First, of all, come thirsty, because there will be a cash bar available to you this time.  We’re trying to line up a bunch of activities to spice up the night, too, such as our own pay-to-play module, new game demos, miniature painting, and even a booth or two of some gaming charities for all you generous-hearted.

We’re so excited about the upcoming adventures for Trader’s Cache.  Stick with us to hear more in the future about the journey, and to find out ways to join alongside us.