2019, here we are!

by | Jan 1, 2019 | Trader's Journal

Congratulations! We made it!

2018 was a rocky one, we all had some rough moments, but some great ones as well, but we all came out the other side and it is a new year.

And you know what? We are excited about 2019, because it is the year we get to join together to make Trader’s Cache a reality. A place where we can hang out with our friends, grab a drink and some good food, and play anything from Canasta to Catan, Flux to Forbidden Island.


What’s on our plate currently?

2019 is a big year for us behind the scenes as well. We are in the works of finding a place you can call home in Lawrence. Ramping up our research on how to launch a Kickstarter to make it worthwhile to the community, and growing our collection of games. In fact, right now we are nose-down making our February 1st pop-up at Abe & Jake’s absolutely amazing for all of you that come!


The Pop-Up on Feb. 1st at Abe and Jake’s

This will be our biggest event yet, and to that end we have confirmed that there will be another Adventurer’s League session, and a Magic: The Gathering tournament! Extra Life will be joining us again but we will now also have Play to Beat Brain Cancer in attendance as well! With a full bar and mead flowing and more announcements and events to come on top of the 200+ board games we will be bringing it is going to be a blast! Make sure you RSVP on Facebook here so you don’t miss out and make sure to invite your friends!





What’s Next?

We have some MASSIVE announcements in the pipeline that we are very excited to share with you, but we can’t just yet as all the pieces are not quite in place, so keep an eye out! In fact, the best ways to do that would be to make sure you are subscribed to this newsletter or following us on Facebook, and now, for the first time, Instagram!

We are excited for what this year is going to bring and hope you are as well! With that said:

May the dice ever be in your favor in 2019!