Once upon a time four heroes set out on an epic journey, though they found many allies along the way.

Preamble: It’s a Spring night in 2018. Critical Role has started a new Campaign. Pathfinder 2.0 is nearing its launch. Board games are on the rise across much of Western Civilization. The weather in Lawrence couldn’t be crazier as it constantly fluctuates between winter and summer, unable to make up its mind.

Nate launches into the recapitulation of last weeks game session as Matt, Betsy, Meghan, and others gather around expectantly. Their party had recently made some poor decisions and were split. Half hanging from a net over a bustling party hosted by the enemy, having been caught as spies and put on display, while the other half skulk around the room, invisible to the naked eye, unsure of what move to make to free their captured and injured friends.

Then, someone spots them… and raises the alarm.

This is Nate’s first time running a Table Top Role Playing Game. He was formerly a player in Matt’s campaign just months prior. Meghan, Nate’s wife and mother of their four kids, is playing a Human Bard caught in the net and low on health, while Matt and Betsy, married in the real world with three little ones, share a glance at each other in character, Betsy’s Elven Ranger readying her bow while Matt’s Tiefling Warlock takes a step back in preparation to blast the enemy.

The recap ends, and Nate utters those faithful words:

“Roll for Initiative”

The board game industry at large is growing at a rapid pace. As Millennials and their Gen-Z counterparts start to realize the importance of real-world interactions in a digital world they are seeking out fun and exciting ways to connect with each other face-to-face once more. in 2019 board games overtook video games in crowd-funding for the first time and real-world role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons are soaring in today’s cultural climate.

But where can people play? Beyond our homes there are very few locations in Lawrence, KS that offer a comfortable atmosphere while providing good food and a variety of drink to those that want to try out the latest AEG game, or those that want to kick back with a casual game of chess, or those that want a dedicated spot for their Friday night adventure. We, Matt, Nate, Betsy, and Meghan, felt this lacking ourselves, and decided to take the initiative.

And Trader’s Cache was born.

With our minds set to create a place where anyone would feel comfortable; Whether they were a long-time gamer or someone just wanting to try a fresh glass of mead, get a bite to eat, and relax with friends, or both; we have begun the journey to create such a place.

With a planned launch of Fall, 2019, we hope you will join us in this adventure, so that we, together, can create a true haven for any who are searching for a place they can call their own, a place where a true community can be formed on common ground and in the real-world, and a place where a culture can thrive.